Practice Coaching

Practice Coaching is available for students of all brass instruments. All ages and abilities are accepted!

What is Practice Coaching?

When we’re not accomplishing our playing goals, it’s easy to think that our problems can be addressed by simply practicing more, or by discovering a “secret” technique. Not so! Practice is a fundamental skill which, like all of the other skills we address in our practice time, needs instruction. Unfortunately, with all of the wonderful instruction as to what to we should work on and what it should sound like, many of us are not really taught how to practice. It’s like knowing the destination, but not having a map!

Do Any of These Describe You?

  • You seem to have no control over “good” and “bad” playing days.
  • You practice a lot, but you’re unhappy with your progress.
  • You seem to just “go through the motions” when you practice.
  • You’re not focused when you practice.
  • You’re not always sure exactly what you should be practicing.
  • You know what to practice, but you don’t know how to work through it to make it better.

If so, Practice Coaching is for you! One of the many benefits of Practice Coaching with Dr. Bennett is that it works within your existing schedule!

How Does It Work?

Practice Coachings are done over 7-10 days per session.

The Process:

  1. Register for a Practice Coaching session by clicking here.
  2. You will be emailed a link to a secure online questionnaire and form. You’ll be asked about your goals as well as your playing areas of strength and weakness. You’ll also receive instructions on logging your practice for one week – what and when you practiced, how long, observations, and prompts for self-critique.
  3. At the end of the week, submit the form and an optional brief video of your playing. Videos can be made using equipment as simple as a mobile phone, and can be uploaded to the website.
  4. Within 48 hours of your submission, you will receive a detailed report and recommendations for how to adjust your practice to achieve your stated goals.
  5. One week after you receive your report, I’ll follow up with you to check on your adjustments and progress.

Benefits of Practice Coaching

Practice Coaching is a great choice for:

  • Anyone looking for the benefits listed above,
  • Students who are not able or ready to commit to a weekly private lesson,
  • Students who may be interested in taking lessons with Dr. Bennett, but want to experience his teaching approach in a less formal setting first.

What You’ll Get from Coaching:

  • Learn how to practice effectively and efficiently
  • Learn how to prevent the development of bad habits
  • Learn how to identify specific playing issues and develop methods for correction
  • Learn how to deal with fear, frustration, and other negative emotions associated with practicing
  • Learn how to use mental techniques of visualization and audiation in your preparation
  • Gain correct perspective on common myths about playing, practice, and mistakes that limit your progress
  • Develop confidence in your approach and abilities!

How Do I Get Started?

Ready to get started now?
Register here for Practice Coaching. I’ll send your custom link right away!

Not sure yet?
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