New Blog – Coming in 2018

I have decided to add a blog to the site beginning in 2018.

Exciting, right? Fair warning: this will probably only be interesting to my personal students, for whom this blog is intended. I will be posting articles on pedagogical topics, playing problems, and my general thoughts on playing the trumpet. I’ll likely dig into topics like chamber music, freelancing, teaching, and entrepreneurship in music as well. If you’re not one of my students and still find this interesting, welcome! Please subscribe and let me hear from you, either by email or by commenting on any of the upcoming posts.

Expect the first post in a few weeks. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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Wayne Bennett

Trumpeter and music educator Wayne Bennett performs as a soloist, chamber musician, and freelance artist throughout the United States. He has worked with trumpet and brass students of all ages and abilities through live and online lessons, clinics, and practice coaching. Dr. Bennett lives in Atlanta with his wife, Elizabeth, and two children, Andrew and Elise.

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