“Now” Update: October 10, 2021

Here’s what I’m focused on at the moment:

I’ve been working on balancing everything going on in my life – spending time with my family, teaching part-time at 3 colleges, teaching privately, booking performances, getting the quintet back on track after a long Covid-induced hiatus, and getting a publishing company off the ground. Lots of juggling responsibilities, identifying my priorities, and deciding where to focus my attention (and what needs to be dropped in the near future).

I just finished attending the virtual Brass Career Intensive presented by The Entrepreneurial Musician and The Brass Junkies. I learned a lot, got validation on some of the work I’ve been doing, and got a lot of good, actionable advice that I’m looking forward to implementing right away.

I’m working on details for an upcoming livestream concert with Gate City Brass – hoping to announce details this week. Still booking shows for December as well.

I get to read a little, mostly when I’m waiting for my son at soccer practices. I’ve been reading Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums and re-reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Both seem appropriate during this hectic season.

Lots of driving, as usual – about 11 hours Monday-Friday between my various teaching and rehearsal spaces. Listening to podcasts and music fills most of that time – Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, The Entrepreneurial Musician, and The Brass Junkies lately as well as a good bit of brass, trumpet, Foo Fighters, and George Harrison.

Most of my writing time is taken with class prep and making lists for myself, though I’ve worked out a few quintet arrangements in the last week as well. I’m also working on editing for my charts from the GCB Christmas Album to get them ready for publication later this month.

My practice time lately has been a lot of maintenance and technique, and I’m always looking for interesting and challenging etudes. I’m also putting a couple recital programs together for the spring and am trying to include rep that doesn’t get played all the time.

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Wayne Bennett

Trumpeter and music educator Wayne Bennett performs as a soloist, chamber musician, and freelance artist throughout the United States. He has worked with trumpet and brass students of all ages and abilities through live and online lessons, clinics, and practice coaching. Dr. Bennett lives in Atlanta with his wife, Elizabeth, and three children: Andrew, Elise, and Jane.

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