This is my Now page – check it out and see why you should create one, too. Here’s what I’m focused on at the moment:

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I updated this page (9 months…). I was slated to teach a new course at Agnes Scott College this semester, but it was canceled due to low enrollment. We’re trying it again in the spring, so hopefully enrollment looks a lot better by January.

I spend most of my days working on scheduling and logistics for my new brass quintet, Gate City Brass. I finished putting the group together in February, and we’ve been rehearsing regularly since then. We’ve played a handful of church services and concerts, including a fun and well-attended concert this past Sunday. Bookings are really starting to pick up – very exciting.

Still teaching a handful of lessons, and still behind on a few writing projects. Hope to catch up by the end of October. Anticipating some good performance news in October as well – stay tuned!

Updated September 26, 2017